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Concordia Classical Academy uses God's Word in a Christ-centered education to assist families in training students for Christian lives on earth and for eternity.

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What Is Classical Lutheran Education?

Classical Lutheran education can be defined as the classical liberal arts with Lutheran catechesis. Dr. Gene Edward Veith has suggested that “The liberal arts can equip a child for effective service in the world; catechesis can equip a child for everlasting life.” (Korcok, 2011, p. xii) The liberal arts cultivate the student's mind and character with academic rigor, tools for learning, and formative content. Lutheran catechesis instructs and nurtures matters of the soul through the Holy Scriptures, the Lutheran confessions, and the liturgy and hymnody of the Church. With the Seven Liberal Arts, the three sciences: moral, natural and theological, and the Small Catechism's Six Chief Parts, classical Lutheran education prepares servant leaders for church and world.

- Cheryl Swope, M.Ed - Author of Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any ChildLearn More About Classical Education
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We value the feedback of our school community and strive to provide the best educational experience that prepares our students to thrive in life in the world and the next, by developing all of their God-given talents.

"I love knowing my children's teachers know them well because the class sizes are small. The 15 student per room capacity is reassuring."

- April 16th, 2021

"We are so happy for our three children. Faith is taught throughout each subject matter and in regular daily life. The teachers are veterans who devote themselves to educating our children and helping form their character."

- October 13th, 2019

"Our children excel academically and learn God's Word to apply to their life every day."

- January 9th, 2021

"What a blessing this school has been to so many our daughter. I thank God for this school! At CCA we are blessed to receive a great education and to get to know Jesus. The staff is amazing."

- July 26, 2022

"What a blessing this school has been to so many students and to our daughter. I praise God for a school that encourages us to know Christ and his word and to hear His great love for us! What good is a marvelous education if we don't also learn about Christ and receive his innumerable gifts? At CCA we are blessed to receive both a great education in the matters of this world and the one to come! The staff are all well trained and gifted in music and all the areas of classical education. Amazing and gifted people!"

- March 26th, 2021

"A school to grow closer to Christ and share Him with others."

- February 2nd, 2018